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What Happens If You Overstay in Turkey

Right now, people with e-tourist visas don’t have to leave the country within 90 days upon
arriving. You must apply online and print these before your arrival by visiting Those who wish to stay longer than 90 days can apply to the Provincial
Directorate of Migration Administration and get a short-term Turkey residence permit. You must
submit your address, which means a residential contract, and the financial proof that you have
enough money to sustain yourself.

Overstay Conditions in Turkey

If you stay longer than your tourist visa allows, the port you will leave at will determine how
much your fine is. The penalties will change in accordance with your nationality and which
passport you used when you entered Turkey. Some were charged $55 and some $200 as the
fine is calculated regarding how many days you overstayed. If you couldn’t leave on time
because you were ill, you can acquire a certificate from a health institution illustrating that
you couldn’t fly, you won’t be charged any penalties.

What Should be Done

When the police find you in a city or a village when you are overstaying, you will be taken to
the closest border to be deported and issued ban. Overstaying by ten days causes this ban. If
you wish to visit Turkey again, this isn’t worth it. Additionally, if you don’t pay the penalty,
you can be imposed a ban.

You will get a notification when imposed a ban but if you want to check, visit the Turkish
consulate in your country. We don’t recommend you overstay because it isn’t worth it
especially if you want to re-enter Turkey.