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The growth in the Turkish Real Estate Market

With the increase of interest of foreigners in the property market of Turkey in the past 3 years, the quantity of property brokerage firms has escalated significantly. This is expected, but it is also obvious that Turkey real estate sector requires specialists who are well-trained and experienced as a consequence of the news coming from this sector considering the financial and also political developments in Turkey. Moreover, this is necessary for the construction firms to keeping track of their files with regard to competence and project delivery accuracy in a timely manner and within accepted terms.

Yet, how can new property brokerage firms in this industry face older firms with more knowledge and an expert consulting unit?

Different companies take diverse approaches

It was made by altering the essential methods and providing false prices for properties, and also by operating in a concentrated way on disputing the other brokerage firms in the market’s competition and trying to obtain the client’s trust by delivering fake guarantees and deceptive knowledge. If those new firms do not follow this approach, they would not own any portion of this market and are going to stay out of the game quickly.

As for firms with more experience in this market, they value the client’s purpose and comprehend that the means of purchasing real estate is a delicate process and should be focused to help the client’s intention of purchasing on account of securing his expected content and create long term connections with thousands of pleased clients.

Things to pay attention

After you become familiarized with the property business in Turkey, you would understand that every real estate has its individual benefits that have defined its cost, whether it is a new real estate or a resale real estate. We can not reject the significance of questioning about property costs, but we continuously encourage clients to analyze the favorable and unfavorable aspects of each real estate and then ask about the cost and possible profit in whether the cost is convenient for the specialties or not.

It is possible for you to find a property from $20.000 to $300.000 for 1+1 Istanbul apartments. But there would be major differences between them considering the neighborhood, structure quality, transportation options, view, etc. So you must be cautious and patient during the investigation process.