Investment Strategies

The First Choice of Foreigners was The Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector

Investment From Asia To Turkey Nearly Doubled

End of August from Europe to Turkey $ 2,3 billion, $ 1,7 billion from Asia and 0,3 billion dollars from other regions attracted to foreign direct investment. Asian residents’ investments increased by 91,3 percent.

According to information compiled from the data of the Central Bank of Turkey, it was made 4 billion 282 million dollars of foreign direct investment to Turkey in January-August. Direct investments were seen to have increased by 11 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

When analyzed by regions, the highest investment came from Europe with 2 billion 252 million dollars in the 8-month period. Turkey, Asia than 1 billion 693 million dollars, 306 million dollars from America and from Africa has attracted foreign direct investment of $ 31 million.

During this period, 52,6 percent of direct investments to Turkey part of Europe, 39,5 percent Asian, 7,2 percent Americans and 0,7 percent Africans were made by investors. Turkey, last years January-August period 2,7 billion from Europe, from Asia to 885 million, from America 227 million and from Africa $ 1 million had attracted investment.

These data suggest that Asian investors, at the end of August compared to the same period last year, direct investment shows that an increase of 91 percent, while investment from Europe shows that 16.8 percent decrease over the same period in Turkey. This results from Asia to Turkey in foreign direct investment in the leading position for many years, has been decrease the gap with Europe.

The Biggest Investment Is From British Investors

Turkey had attracted direct invesment from England, Qatar, Azerbaijan the Netherlands and Japan as of the end of August. While 696 million dollars capital inflows to Turkey from the British people, these figures were supplied 16,3 percent of total direct investments. An investment of $ 569 million attracted from Qatar, 564 million from Azerbaijan, 458 million from the Netherlands and 304 million from Japan. In the same period, Italy was the country where direct investments decreased the most in terms of quantity. Italians, down $ 394 million compared to the same period of investment in Turkey last year. The amount of direct investment from Austria decreased by $ 384 million and the amount of direct investment from Luxembourg decreased by $ 216 million.

Wholesale and retail trade sector has the largest share of in investments from residents abroad by the end of August in Turkey. While the direct investments of residents in this area reach 721 million dollars, this corresponds to 16,8 percent of the total investments. The wholesale and retail trade sector is followed by coke and refined petroleum products with $ 421 million, chemical products with $ 419 million and holding activities with $ 410 million. 

When the main sector groups are taken into account, while the services sector received the highest investment with 2,8 billion dollars in the 8-month period, the industrial sector attracted 1,5 billion dollars.

In the same period, the sector, where direct investments decreased the most in terms of quantity, was the production and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning with $ 647 million. The sector with the highest increase in investment was seen as construction with 347 million dollars.