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The Benefits of Seaside Living in Turkey

There are times in life when what you considered as ‘bad luck’ turns out to be just the opposite. In the past, Turkish culture put men in a higher position than women, so the seaside land were given to the females as it was seen as worthless while the inland lots were men’s because they could do farming on it and earn agriculture money. Women owned seafront lands that sat there without being cultivated for decades. But with the air travel became popular, tourism started to gain importance and those worthless seafront lands were attached significance and considered as valuable. This is an ironic twist, shaping the rich in the society, and also building up the concept of seafront resorts that give the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Nowadays, seafront living in Turkey gained even more popularity than before. People living in the inner cities of  natolia own summer houses in the coasts of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. This is also valid for foreigners who purchase houses in Turkey and plan to spend their retirement days under the brilliant Turkish sun. Fethiye is attracting the Brtish and Antalya is the hotspot for the Russian and European. Middle Easterners choose seaside cities like Trabzon or Yalova where the dominant culture is similar to theirs. Given the fact that seaside living is great for health,  his is completely understandable.

The benefits of seaside living includes:

  1. Activities like swimming or taking a walk in the beach particularly in summer supports physical health.
  2. Hanging out near sea is a great therapy method, relaxing the minds and bodies of the people. Wave sounds work as a sound therapy while the fresh air supports the wellbeing.
  3. Air near the sea makes people sleep well and wake up feeling energized and active, fully recharged after a good night’s sleep.
  4. Sun heat and sunshine help us to release endorphins and eventually reduce the stress levels.
  5. Seafood is an essential dish of the diet, which contains high levels of omega three oil, minerals, vitamins, and so on. Doctors suggest consuming fish two times every week.