Real Estate Investment

Reasons to Invest in Turkey

An ever-growing economy

According to the economic experts, Turkish economy will rank in the top ten along with countries like USA, India, China, and Russia. Bloomberg had mentioned that Turkey is a greatly  emerging market for investors to recognize, along with Mexico. The GDP has tripled and the country become a production hub for giant global firms like Ford or Pepsi. 2023 plans for Turkey are also encouraging.


Turkey serves as a bridge between two continents, east and west, traditional and modern. Its location is strategically perfect and thus attracts investors and businessmen. Africa, Russia, EU and Middle East are in good terms with Turkey. It is also a big touristic attraction as a country. Especially with the Istanbul Airport, it became a true touristic hub along with in terms of cargo.

Gentrification and infrastructure developments

Residents experienced great developments in urban infrastructure after 2000. Before neglected highway projects were completed and new bridges built all across the country. It all became easy for both the locals and businesses transporting goods.

Real estate industry also boomed due to these two reasons and mortgages being accessible for everyone. Skyscrapers are rising in Istanbul, calling people from around the world and to start a new life in this magnificent city.

A bright future

Turkey has achieved great things in the last two decades beyond doubt. Strong and determined, Turkey focused on developing the country and stayed resilient in difficult times like the coup attempt in 2016. It still has three years to achieve their plans.