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New age living: Residences

Why do residences gain this much attention?

Residences have gained a great deal of attention recently due to their wide space offering, high standards, security services, social facilities, parking garages, earthquake resistance and easy payment options.

What kinds of living habits do residences provide?

Residential projects are mostly built away from city centers since there is a lack of space there. So the residence are required to meet the important needs of the residents within the project.

Healthy life styles are supported by fitness areas, and spa centers. Shopping malls, commercial spaces, restaurants and cafes are also added in the plans. Apartment entrances are enlarged and became more like lobby/reception areas.

The infrastructure systems are new and there is no need for repairment, so the wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens are designed with new stylish and useful materials. Every detail has been thought through for users’ comfort.

Do new age residence projects alter living habits?

New age residence projects changed the skyline and the structural environment, but it would be wrong to say that they completely changed the old habits of living.

Especially in gentrification areas and Istanbul, the flat areas are smaller. Residents have to fit inside these small areas but cannot change quit their habits. That’s why new smart systems and renovations are added to the residences, which is a great convenience.