Real Estate Investment

Is Real Estate in Istanbul Profitable?

Real estate is one of the best ways to make a profit in the modern world. As a modern, thriving country that promises various advantages to investors, Turkey is a strong choice amongst others. Especially Istanbul as one of the largest cosmopolites in the world.

Statistics for Real Estate Istanbul

In only one month, October 2020, 119.574 real estates are sold in Turkey. Over 20.000 of these sales are made in Istanbul. Real estate in Istanbul is a subject where most investors are pretty interested in.

Real estate is one of the most respected and advanced sectors in Turkey. Each and every year, new buildings, projects, and investment options are being constructed. Also, thanks to many logical government policies, old buildings are being transformed into new and promising ones.

An investor can choose one of the various options. For example, for buying and renting real estate Istanbul can be a promising city. Thousands of citizens and workers abroad are living in the city. There is always a high demand for all kinds of real estate. Therefore, renting real estate in Istanbul would be one of the most profit-making investments you have ever made.

Another option you can choose is to buy and sell real estate in Istanbul. As you may know, real estate is an investment that constantly increases in value. Through buying good real estate Istanbul can become an amazing opportunity for you as an investor. Because of the fact that the city is constantly spreading, growing, and increasing in numbers a real estate bought for a low price can be sold for much higher numbers afterwise. To make the best out of this option you’d better take some professional advisory.

Trem Global for Istanbul Real Estate Advisory

At Trem Global, we have years of experience and a trusted background. Regardless of your choice of investment, we are here for you. Trem Global is a member of the companies under Tor Holding and we have helped countless investors to make profit-making choices.

Our crack team who are experts in the real estate business, are ready to give you all the support you need and walk you through the entire process.

You should also be careful about where to spend your money. To buy real estate Istanbul can be a challenging city. Other than the legal process you should carefully manage in order to complete the buying, there are many unregistered or dangerous projects in Istanbul. Being invisible on non-professional eyes, an investor can find himself/herself in a tough situation where details such as registry, completion dates, earthquake eligibility, etc., are being massive trouble.

To avoid such dangers and to pinpoint the best possible real estate Istanbul can offer as an investment, Trem Global is here for you. Feel free to get in touch with us for detailed information.

Real Estate and Turkish Citizenship

Did you know that you can gain Turkish Citizenship by making a real estate investment in Turkey? Being a Turkish citizen has various advantages. By making a minimum of 250.000 USD worth of real estate acquisition you, your wife/husband and your children who are younger than 18 years old can become Turkish citizens.

Being a Turkish citizen means you will be a member of a modern republic whose citizens are protected by a constitution. You will be able to travel to various countries without any visa. You will also be able to work and/or form a business in the country. As a country which is a bridge in the continents with easy access to all the technology, if you need real estate Istanbul promises various open roads. Feel free to gain more information about the subject by getting in touch with us.