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Best Places to Live in Turkey

We have listed the best places to live in Turkey one by one for you, depending on the research and taking their criteria into account. Some of them have developed living conditions, some have educational conditions, and some are the cities where you can be the most comfortable, all of them are here. Here is the intriguing list.


Considering the places to live, the most striking part of Eskişehir which we know closely with its literacy rate, is that it lives in harmony with culture. This beautiful city which is one of the places to visit on the weekend, is very rich in every sense. Places to visit are also enough to add beauty to the beauty of this place. Do not return without visiting Odunpazarı, the oldest settlement in Eskişehir and Porsuk Creek in its center.


Although Istanbul is a crowded city, all possibilities are gathered in one place in Istanbul. Whatever you look for comes out right under your hand. If we say business opportunities, it is more than available. And when we think about the places to visit, we should stop there for a moment. All of the unique places we have come across in Turkey are here again. Although crime rates have increased a bit recently, it is a privilege to live in Istanbul. If you ask about the most popular cities in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the best ranking.


The green heaven-like city Trabzon is a sine qua non of the Black Sea region with its air and water. The education level here is usually at an intermediate level. But it will definitely be an excellent choice for those who are considering teaching here. Trabzon as one of the few places for retirement is in the list of the most beautiful places to live in Turkey. You ask why? Think of the historical and supernatural beauties as follows, you will understand what I mean.


With the famous fried liver, Edirne is one of Turkey’s most beautiful places. Remember that you are in the right place when education and health are involved. Maybe it may not be an ideal city for retirement, but it has an attractive location for its places to visit and its close location to Istanbul. If you do not have anything to do during the weekend holidays, you can go to Edirne and visit both its historical and natural beauties.


Here is the paradise corner of tourism, Antalya. This beautiful city is among the best places to live in Turkey, we can say perfect in every sense. Although everyone has a car, its traffic is not that heavy. Considering the contributions to our country, it is an indispensable route of both summer and winter tourism. Not to mention in social events… There are a lot to do even on the weekend in Antalya. It should be considered as one of the places to live when you retire.


If you want to see all the green together, do not forget to go to Artvin where is rich in oxygen. Because, Artvin is one of the most beautiful places to live in Turkey. When you look at the unemployment rate, you will see how low it is. Moreover, it is possible to get along with a small budget.


Ranked in the list of the most beautiful places to live in Turkey, Izmir is the next. This is a city with a strong economy. If we say education, it is also quite good. Well, if you ask why İzmir is such a famous city, its unique places that come to life especially in summer are enough for İzmir. Alacati, Cesme are always nice. In short, İzmir is a great route to live in.


Isparta which will meet your expectations regarding education and health, is also a strong city in terms of culture. Isparta is famous for its rose. Also, if we consider their natural beauty, its flora is very rich. If you are going to take a touristic trip to Isparta, do not forget to stop by Egirdir, the most developed place in tourism. All activities, from mountaineering to trekking, paragliding to camping, and even windsurfing, are gathered here.


There is another city with a high education level. If you search for a city that improved itself not only in education, but also in art, Kirklareli is one of the nicest places to live in Turkey. In recent years, its sensitivity especially towards theater has increased. Transportation is very tidy. It offers all kinds of opportunities for those who live here. Everything that facilitates life in a city is gathered here.